Spokane Mayoral Candidates


Ben Stuckart


(4.25 stars)


Standing where he belongs, between his opponent and the city of Spokane, is a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight. Ben is the only candidate in the race with any real, developed plans to address homelessness. And guess what those plans are about? Building more affordable housing in Spokane. Because he gets that homelessness is about housing.

Nadine Woodward


(1.25 stars)


The Spokane Mayor race really comes down to just two candidates, and it’s truly a CAPE clash for the ages. The villain of our story is Poison Nadine, trying to spread her toxic, trickle-down tendrils across the city. Poison Nadine must have thought if she didn’t submit a questionnaire or video, then our CAPEd crusaders would overlook her. Oh boy was she wrong.