Seattle City Council District 6 Candidates



CAPE Picks:
District 6 — Dan Strauss

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As an aide to City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, Dan Strauss has experience tackling some of the biggest challenges facing Seattle today – including our homelessness and affordability crises. His opponent also knows her way around City Hall – Heidi Wills is a disgraced former Councilmember seeking a comeback after running a golfing nonprofit for the past 15 years.

Strauss understands what workers want: “A job is good when it pays a living wage - that is, enough to afford housing, food, medicine, and transportation, and recreation - and respects the dignity of the worker.” He wants to help more workers unionize to help raise wages and provide better benefits to more workers in Seattle. He supports the state’s recent effort to restore overtime pay to salaried employees making up to $70,000 a year who work more than 40 hours a week. And he will push for gig workers to be given access to the City’s benefits pool, an innovative idea which would provide greater stability to workers in an industry that offer benefits.

Heidi Wills, on the other hand, lost her bid for re-election in the early 2000s after being found to have engaged in political money laundering on behalf of the Colacurcio crime family in exchange for rezoning the parking lot of Rick’s Gentlemen's Club in Lake City. Further, she was the deciding vote in a corporate welfare scandal that awarded a $6 million credit for affordable housing construction to one of Seattle’s wealthiest real estate developers without actually requiring him to build the housing.

Unsurprisingly, Wills is also the choice of big business and Seattle’s super-rich who have already spent more than $55,000 in paid advertisements and mail to put him on office, part of a more than $1 million effort citywide in an attempted hostile takeover of the Seattle City Council.

Where’s all this $$ coming from?

CASE (Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC): $1,295,327 citywide, $47,451 for Wills
CASE’s top 5 contributors: Amazon, Vulcan, Inc., WA Association of Realtors, Expedia, Commercial Real Estate Development Association

Moms For Seattle PAC (the PAC for Seattle’s wealthiest mothers, apparently): $200,226 citywide, $28,970 for Wills
Top 5 contributors: Katherine Binder (retired charter school advocate from Bellevue), Jeannine Navone Christofilis (wife of hedge manager), John Meisenbach (Founder/CEO of financial services company),Celeste Ramburg (former Microsoft manager), Betsy Losh (luxury residential real estate broker)

The progressive choice is clear: Dan Strauss for D6!


Dan Strauss


Dan is a senior policy advisor for outgoing Councilmember Sally Bagshaw who understands prosperity comes from the middle-out, not the top-down. That in combination with his City Hall experience and depth of knowledge on the issues earned him a 4-star rating.

Heidi Wills


Not the hero we need, or the hero we deserve. Heidi was on the city council in the early 2000s, and her tenure ended for reasons we don’t need to rehash here. But coming back 20 years later and saying you’re running for the same reasons you ran then isn’t really a winning message.