Seattle City Council District 4 Candidates



CAPE Picks:
District 4 — Shaun Scott


Shaun Scott is an advocacy journalist and documentarian, a labor organizer, and a former home healthcare provider. He supports new municipal bonding and new taxes on big business, mansions, and vacant real estate to help build affordable housing and fund a universal child care program. He also wants to create a freelancers bill of rights to raise pay and standards of the growing number of independent contractors in our city.

Alex Pedersen, on the other hand, is on record opposing Sound Transit 3, opposing the 2015 Seattle Transportation Levy, opposing multiple initiatives to make developers pay their share for affordable housing, and opposing the creation of more housing in places like the U District that can easily handle more.

Pedersen is also the darling of the super-rich in Seattle, who have already spent more than $55,000 in paid advertisements and mail to put him on office, part of a more than $1 million effort citywide in an attempted hostile takeover of the Seattle City Council.

This race squares off one of CAPE’s lowest-rated candidates against one of our highest rated candidates. Pedersen 1.25 star candidate. Scott is the 4.5 star candidate.

Where’s all this $$ coming from?

CASE (Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC): $1,295,327 citywide, $13,015 for Pedersen
CASE’s top 5 contributors: Amazon, Vulcan, Inc., WA Association of Realtors, Expedia, Commercial Real Estate Development Association

People For Seattle PAC (the PAC for Seattle’s wealthiest): $388,610 citywide, $18,644 for Pedersen
Top 5 contributors: Tom Alberg (venture capital), Christopher Larson (retired Microsoft exec), John Stanton (venture capital), Terry Gillespie (venture capital), Gregory Smith (developer)

Moms For Seattle PAC (the PAC for Seattle’s wealthiest mothers, apparently): $200,226 citywide, $25,621 for Pedersen
Top 5 contributors: Katherine Binder (retired charter school advocate from Bellevue), Jeannine Navone Christofilis (wife of hedge manager), John Meisenbach (Founder/CEO of financial services company),Celeste Ramburg (former Microsoft manager), Betsy Losh (luxury residential real estate broker)

The progressive choice is clear: Shaun Scott for D4!


Shaun Scott


(4.5 stars)


At 4.5 stars, he's one of our highest-rated candidates across the city. In a world where every candidate - even the 1-stars - has a section on their website about homelessness, he’s one of the few who actually includes raising progressive revenue as an explicit part of that plan.

Alex Pedersen


(1.25 stars)


With just 1.25 stars, Alex Pedersen likes to present himself as a guy with progressive ideas and talking points on his website. But with his big business backers and his history of opposing mass transit and affordable housing development, in addition to villainizing the homeless, we’re exposing the truth about Alex: he’s no friend of the people.