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CAPE Picks:
District 3 — Kshama Sawant

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Love her or hate her, everyone can agree that Kshama Sawant stands up for workers and will never back down in the face of pressure from the corporate elite. Even if you disagree with her style, her record of siding with workers over big business is indisputable. 

Egan Orion, on the other hand, is a wishy-washy, empty-suit of a candidate clearly propped up and put on display by the Seattle big business lobby. Since our initial scores came out, we’ve learned a lot more about Orion, and none of it good. Local journalist Erica C. Barnett recently asked Egan how he felt about being the candidate big business has spent the most money backing so far, and if there were any positions on which he differed from his benefactors. He responded disingenuously that he didn’t realize they had political positions. Some of Seattle’s largest corporations, including Amazon, Comcast, the Hospitality Association, the Realtors Association, and other big business groups, have collected more than $1 million, including nearly half a million dollars from Amazon alone. These same corporations have routinely opposed popular progressive policies like the $15 minimum wage, secure scheduling for retail and food service workers, and paying their fair share in taxes to help tackle the affordability and homelessness crises they helped create.   

As a self-proclaimed small businessman, Orion knows that businesses typically demand a return on their investments, and big business has already spent nearly a quarter-million dollars to oust Sawant and put Orion on the Council. Simply put, Egan cannot be trusted to put the economic interests of real people over the profit margins of giant corporations.

 Where’s all this $$ coming from?

CASE (Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC): $1,295,327 citywide, $209,651 for Orion
CASE’s top 5 contributors: Amazon, Vulcan, Inc., WA Association of Realtors, Expedia, Commercial Real Estate Development Association

People For Seattle PAC (the PAC for Seattle’s wealthiest): $388,610 citywide, $15,200 for Orion
Top 5 contributors: Tom Alberg (venture capital), Christopher Larson (retired Microsoft exec), John Stanton (venture capital), Terry Gillespie (venture capital), Gregory Smith (developer)

The progressive choice is clear: Kshama Sawant for D3!


Kshama Sawant

Click on the image above to view Kshama’s response to the question, "What makes the economy grow?"


(4.5 stars)


Taking the fight straight to trickle-down tricksters, there’s no question for us whose interests Kshama represents. And the quote on her homepage sums it up pretty well - this election is about who determines our city's future: poor, working-, and middle-class families or big business.

Egan Orion


(3.5 stars)


Like other candidates in the 3-star range candidates, we think Egan has pros and cons. He plans to use his chamber experience to expand resources and capital for LGBTQ-, women-, and people of color-owned businesses. However, he told the Chamber’s PAC he couldn’t say whether or not Seattle had enough revenue to meet our most pressing needs. Sorry, but that tells us that we might not be able to count on Egan fighting for resources to meet the scale of the issues our region faces.