Seattle City Council District 2 Candidates

SOUtheast Seattle & Georgetown


CAPE Picks:
District 2 — Tammy Morales


Tammy Morales has been advocating and organizing for racial and economic justice in Southeast Seattle for almost 20 years, most recently as a community organizer for Rainier Beach Action Coalition and as a Seattle Human Rights Commissioner.  

As a Councilmember, Morales won’t be afraid to pursue progressive revenue sources to help provide the scale of resources we need to combat Seattle’s homelessness and affordability crises. She’s proposing new taxes on people that can afford it by looking to tax mansions, excessive compensation, inheritance, and big businesses. 

Morales wants to disrupt the racist school-to-prison pipeline that not only destroys the lives of the black and brown students caught up in it, but also leads to long-term economic disparity in our region. Additionally, she wants to create better paying jobs for young people of color in Seattle to help address inequity and improve community safety. All told, Morales’s vision for creating an economically and racially just city make her one of our highest rated candidates across all races in the city. 

We’re not alone in thinking Tammy is best candidate for District 2, she is also supported by labor unions, environmentalists, and prominent progressive leaders like Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and State Senator Rebecca Saldaña.

Mark Solomon, on the other hand, is the choice of big business and the super-rich in Seattle, who have already spent more than $150,000 in paid advertisements and mail to put him on office, part of a more than $1 million effort citywide in an attempted hostile takeover of the Seattle City Council. 

Where’s all this $$ coming from?

CASE (Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC): $1,295,327 citywide, $130,363 for Solomon
CASE’s top 5 contributors: Amazon, Vulcan, Inc., WA Association of Realtors, Expedia, Commercial Real Estate Development Association

People For Seattle PAC (the PAC for Seattle’s wealthiest): $388,610 citywide, $20,278 for Solomon
Top 5 contributors: Tom Alberg (venture capital), Christopher Larson (retired Microsoft exec), John Stanton (venture capital), Terry Gillespie (venture capital), Gregory Smith (developer)

The progressive choice is clear: Tammy Morales for D2!


Tammy Morales

Click on the image above to view Tammy’s response to the question, "What makes the economy grow?"


(4.75 stars)


Higher, further, faster - the Marvelous Tammy Morales, our top-rated District 2. Not only is she our highest-rated candidate in District 2, but she's one of our top three candidates across the city. Tammy is leading with substance & vision for what she wants to accomplish for workers, immigrants, people of color, renters and families in D2 and beyond. “The time for incrementalism is over,” she says. We agree & we're expecting her to swoop in & be a civic superhero from Day 1.

Mark Solomon

Click on the image above to view Mark’s response to the question, "What makes the economy grow?"


(2.5 stars)


We liked that Mark had the right answers on things like good wages and benefits and pay transparency for gig workers. But other answers just make us question whose interests he’ll put first: workers or his big business backers.