Seattle City Council District 1 Candidates

West Seattle & South Park


CAPE Picks:
District 1 – Lisa Herbold


Incumbent District 1 Councilmember Lisa Herbold, our pick for D1, helped lead a months long process to develop and pass the nation's strongest secure scheduling legislation for retail and food service workers, strengthened the City’s Office of Labor Standards, and supported domestic workers in winning the nation’s first domestic workers bill of rights in Seattle. 

Herbold has also successfully passed numerous tenant protections while in office, and she is continuing to fight discrimination in rental housing while leading the way on eviction reform. She also wants to expand funding for affordable early learning, and supports renewing the $29M affordable housing bond she first sponsored in 2018. 

Phil Tavel, the pick of Seattle’s big business and the super rich, hosts a popular trivia night in West Seattle. Fun, for sure, but hardly qualifying to represent District 1 on the City Council. He previously worked in curriculum development for Devry University, the for-profit school that deceived students into enrolling with the false promise of employment opportunities and unrealistic earning potential and was recently forced to pay a $100 million settlement to former students.

Pro-business groups and some of the wealthiest people – the very same people who opposed raising the minimum wage and other pro-worker policies in Seattle – have already spent more than $160,000 in paid advertisements and mail to unseat Herbold and put the business-friendly Tavel in the D1 council seat, part of a more than $1 million effort citywide in an attempted hostile takeover of the Seattle City Council. 

Where is all this $$ coming from?

CASE (Seattle Metro Chamber of Commerce PAC): $1,295,327 citywide, $139,238 for Tavel
CASE’s top 5 contributors: Amazon, Vulcan, Inc., WA Association of Realtors, Expedia, Commercial Real Estate Development Association

People For Seattle PAC (the PAC for Seattle’s wealthiest): $388,610 citywide, $16,738 for Tavel
Top 5 contributors: Tom Alberg (venture capital), Christopher Larson (retired Microsoft exec), John Stanton (venture capital), Terry Gillespie (venture capital), Gregory Smith (developer)

The progressive choice is clear: Lisa Herbold for D1!


Lisa Herbold

Click on the image above to view Lisa’s response to the question, "What makes the economy grow?"


(4.75 stars)


From the Alaska Junction to City Hall in the blink of an eye, it’s Lisa Herbold! Swooping in as one of our three highest-rated candidates, Lisa understands where prosperity comes from and that our economy is strongest when it’s built from the middle-out, not the top-down. She wants to expand funding for affordable early learning, and supports renewing the $29M affordable housing bond she sponsored in 2018. She also told us she will continue building upon her work banning income- and voucher-based rental discrimination in 2016, and find more local solutions to eviction reform.


Phil Tavel

Click on the image above to view Phil’s response to the question, "What makes the economy grow?"


(2.5 stars)


At 2.5 stars, not the hero the people of West Seattle and South Park are looking for. Two-star candidates might know the right talking points, but when it comes to addressing critical issues they’re likely to shy away from the challenge. Phil's answers didn't miss the mark across the board, but we still think Phil sounds like a trickle-downer.