Announcing CAPE - The Civic Alliance for a Progressive Economy

SEATTLE –  With deep-pocketed business interest groups preparing a hostile takeover of the Seattle City Council, CAPE is swooping in to fight back. CAPE is the Civic Alliance for a Progressive Economy and will take the fight to wealthy business interests with its greatest superpower: people power.

People for Seattle, a generic-sounding, pro-business PAC raised more than $160,000 dollars in less than four weeks from an assortment of self-interested millionaires, billionaires, and real estate developers. Meanwhile, CASE, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s PAC, has raised more than $800,000. These groups are amassing mountains of cash to inundate voters with glossy mailers, TV, and digital ads to promote candidates that might sound good on the issues Seattle voters care most about – like good jobs, affordability, livability, and equity – but will ultimately be in the pocket of the rich and powerful.

CAPE will work to influence the core economic narrative of our region and elect candidates who understand that when workers have money to spend, and their basic needs met, our economy thrives. CAPE was formed by leaders at Working Washington, OneAmerica Votes, and Civic Action to  support candidates and causes that align with CAPE’s four key issue areas (see about CAPE section below).

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Josh Fogt