CAPE’s Candidate Rating System

CAPE will be issuing candidate ratings on a 5-star scale. Candidates that receive a 5-star rating and impress us in their interviews are eligible for a campaign contribution from CAPE. CAPE will also leverage our organizational resources and relationships to support candidates in reaching more voters throughout the primary and general elections.

CAPE will be reviewing candidates’ questionnaires and videos, as well as the candidates’ resumes/CVs, and any relevant past history to grade candidates on our 5-star scale, from 0-stars to 5-stars. All candidates for whom we have sufficient information will be rated, even candidates who did not submit a questionnaire or video, so please help us with your rating by participating in this process.


Please complete this candidate questionnaire and submit a short video (max 2 minutes) with your response to the prompt: “What makes our economy grow?” by June 16. This can be a simple video you record of yourself on your phone, and you can submit it through a link at the end of the questionnaire, upload it to a youtube channel and share the link, or submit it via email (capecampaigns@gmail.com).


  • Questionnaire and video due by June 16

  • Candidates with at least an initial 4-star rating will be invited to interview with CAPE between June 17-26

  • Candidate ratings will be released by the end of June