About CAPE


CAPE is the Civic Alliance for a Progressive Economy. We are a political organization representing the diverse interests of poor, working class, and middle class people in Washington. Founded by Working Washington, OneAmerica Votes, and Civic Action, CAPE will fight for an inclusive economy that puts the interests of no-, low- and middle-income people – including people of color, immigrants and refugees, women and children, and LGBTQ communities – before the interests of big business and the wealthy. We stand in direct opposition to the narrative of trickle-down economics promoted by the corporate interests that have long dominated our politics and policy making. CAPE is committed to creating livable, affordable, and inclusive communities throughout our state.

CAPE supports candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to improving the quality of life and economic opportunities enjoyed by all, and backs any policy that will do the same. But we feel especially strongly about four core issues:

  1. We all do better when we all do better. Economic growth and prosperity are created  when workers have more money in their pockets because they will spend it in their local economies on things like food and clothing for their families. CAPE will support candidates that support workers’ interests.   

  2. We live in a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse part of the country, and we must create more educational and economic opportunities for all people in our communities – especially for immigrants and refugees, people of color, women, and LGBTQ communities that have historically been denied access to opportunities for advancement. CAPE will support candidates with a strong vision for racial and economic justice and clear ideas for how to pursue that vision through policy change.

  3. We are facing an affordability crisis in many communities across our state. The rent is too damn high and it’s forcing low-wage workers and many small businesses out of the communities they call home. CAPE will support candidates who support increasing revenue and expenditures on affordable housing, as well as policies that increase housing affordability at all levels of income and that prevent displacement of people and small businesses.

  4. In addition to affordable housing, other basic needs like access to high quality childcare, education, and healthcare are increasingly out of reach for many households in Washington. CAPE will support candidates that bring new energy and ideas to funding childcare, public education, and healthcare for everyone in our communities.